Let’s get married!


Get Married Today!

Getting married is a decision that is made under the authority of God and this commitment ceremony is to be kept sacred as long as you live.  It’s actually two funerals for both people standing there and a resurrection of a couple that are now united together as one.  It doesn’t take a pile of money to get married or stay married to the right person, you just need to understand that quitting is not an option.  Come get married here at The Ranch where the scenery is breath taking and there are two licensed Pastors that live on the ranch.  You can have your ceremony on horseback or out in the open field and in the presence of God.

 Here’s is a little wedding checklist for you to review:

  1. Flowers (We offer them onsite)
  2. Pastor (We have two of them onsite)
  3. Horses (We have plenty of them here)
  4. Marriage License (You’ll have to get that first)
  5. Venue (This place is perfect)

There are a few things that you’ll need but we are completely fine if you’d like to get married through elopement or have a  (Shotgun Wedding).  We do have a professional florist on site that is the lead designer for Five and Up Flowers.  You’ll find it comforting that we also have two Pastors (Pastor Ron and Pastor Elizabeth) that live on the ranch that are licensed to marry in Texas.  As far as horses are concerned, we have plenty of those to view or ride already here.  Just get your marriage licence from the county and give us a call to schedule your special day!

The Ranch is a local McKinney Texas Ranch that offers a wide variety of services and experiences.  You can go horseback riding by yourself or with loved ones around the ranch or at the Lake Lavon Trinity Trail.  We also offer Bull Riding which is fun for all ages to watch but youth is key for the riders.  🙂  We offer Buckin’ Bull practices, competitions and monthly Western Rodeo’s here on the ranch.  You can get a full list of our “Cowboy Experiences” by calling 469-606-9472 (WHRA) or visiting us online at WHRAdventures.com.


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